"Today we stand with you"

Våra fackliga kamrater i Europa tänker på oss i Sverige och Stockholm. Med anledning av attentatet vid T-centralen tidigare i dag skickar generalsekreteraren i EPSU, Jan Willem Goudriaan, sina kondoleanser.

Tidigare i dag dog tre personer och ett stort antal människor skadades då, hittills okända gärningspersoner körde rakt in i en folkmassa i centrala Stockholm. Många av oss är drabbade. Vissa personligen, resten som medmänniskor och medborgare. Krisgrupper jobbar på flera håll. Våra medlemmar är en del av många av dem. Med anledning av detta vill EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) skicka sina kondoleanser och sina tankar till oss alla. 

Uttalande från EPSU

Dear Friends, dear Colleagues

Once again we are confronted with act of violence that takes away loved ones. According to the news 3 people were killed and many others injured when a truck hit people in the shopping street Drottninggatan. It is a street so many European colleagues know. Our first thoughts are with those who lose a family member, a friend, a co-worker. Our thoughts are with you. We know so many colleagues in Sweden.  Are you, your families, your friends, your colleagues, your members ok? Our wishes are that you are ok.

EPSU condemns these acts of terror that seek to install fear in us and which expect to fuel hatred and discrimination. We stand up together and on behalf of EPSU’s members, our trade union community of European public service unions, I send you our condolences and our solidarity. Together we are united, not only in our rejection of. We are united in our common purpose to work for a more peaceful world based on solidarity, democracy and social justice.

Emergency and rescue workers, police and security forces, health care and other medical staff, municipal workers and many others reacted with care and determination to assist those injured and in shock. Our public service workers do such admirable work in dangerous and difficult situations. And we know they often do not get the recognition they deserve.

What gives us confidence despite these terrible acts like earlier this week in St.Peterburg and before in so many other places, is that the spirit of people to assist, to help, to share and stand together is not defeated but strengthened. It is our solidarity and our message of hope and expectation of our better world across our workplaces, our borders, cultures that will win. Today we stand with you.

In Solidarity,

Jan Willem Goudriaan

EPSU General Secretary