How much does membership cost?

Are you employed full-time or part-time, or are you unemployed or on sick leave? Make sure you pay the right fee!

Normal fee, for those employed more than half-time: SEK 260 per month. 

Employed half-time, 50 percent or less: SEK 198 per month. 

Employed graduate, up to two years after completed degree: SEK 135 per month. 

Post-graduates/Doctoral students/Dual membership SSR-SULF: SEK 146 per month. 

On parental leave, sick leave, leave of absence for more than three months (employed): SEK 112 per month. 

Unemployed (full-time), on parental or sick leave (unemployed): SEK 94 per month. 

Self-employed: SEK 83 per month. N.B. An additional service charge of SEK 330, incl. VAT, applies.

Half-time employment combined with self-employment: SEK 198 per month. N.B. An additional service charge of SEK 250, incl. VAT, applies.

Employed outside of Sweden, working abroad: SEK 94 per month. 

Retired: SEK 73 per month. 

Student: SEK 100 for the whole duration of the studies. 

Fees apply as of July 1, 2015. If you are a member of the unemployment fund, or "a-kassa", Akdemikernas a-kassa, there is an additional charge of SEK 100 per month. Income insurance and the union's magazine for members, Akademikern, are included in the fee. 

Let us know if your situation changes

Always let us know if your employment status changes, for instance if you lose your job, take parental leave or sick leave, or if there are any other new circumstances that might affect which fee you should be paying. Information like this does not automatically reach us from the Swedish Public Employment Service or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.  

There is a time limit on reduced fees. When the time limit has passed, you have to let us know yourself if you are still eligible for a reduced fee.