Our international commitment

Solidarity is the basis of all union activity. The commitment to solidarity includes support for colleagues and sister organizations all around the world.

This is accomplished in part through our Solidarity Fund, supporting international development aid for professional development, trade union rights, human rights and social justice.

Sweden's membership in the EU creates a demand for participation as well as for continuous development of cooperation with colleagues and other professional associations across Europe. The Union for Professionals is a member of EPSU, the European Federation of Public Service Unions. We are represented on the executive board and in EPSU:s standing committees. Our commitment also extends to other parts of the world, we are members of PSI, the Public Services International, and are represented on the executive board as well as in other committees and networks.

The union is affiliated with the International Federation of Social Workers, IFSW, and is a member of the International Council on Social Welfare, ICSW.

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