Benefits of membership

As a member of the Union for Professionals you will receive service and benefits, tailored after your specific needs. No matter if you are employed, unemployed, self-employed or a student.

Our experts offer support and advice in their respective fields, ranging from labour laws and pensions to insurance and questions regarding your role as a professional.

Collective agreements

We negotiate collective agreements on your behalf. Sometimes we do this as a lone actor, other times we join forces with other unions within the Saco sphere. Our considerable local presence means that a union representative is always close at hand. 

Advice and support from our ombudsmen

SSR Direkt is the union support line, where you as a member can speak directly to an ombudsman. We will offer immediate answers and feedback on all issues pertaining to labour law. Among other things we can help you draft employment agreements, advice you on salaries and benefits, and explain the laws surrounding parental leave and vacation. We also offer specialized support for self-employed members (Egenföretagarservice) and members in a managerial position (Chef Direkt). 

Interested? Call us at 08-617 44 00 or join here.

Unemployment insurance

It is up to you if you choose to join our unemployment insurance fund. But a membership in our unemployment fund, Akdemikernas a-kassa, is a cheap investment in your financial security. It only costs 100 SEK a month and is a requirement for our complementary income insurance that tops up your basic insurance to 80% of your income, should you find yourself without a job. Visit Akdemikernas a-kassa English section for more information about how to join and what you need to qualify for benefits. 

Other insurances

Through our insurance provider, Akademikerförsäkring, we offer a number of reasonably priced insurance policies covering you, your family and your possessions. As a new member you get some of our excellent insurances for free for the first three months.

Ready to join? Call us at 08-617 44 00 or join here.

Career support 

Regardless of whether you are looking for your first job after graduation or if you are looking to change career paths, we help you through the whole job-seeking process. As a student member, we are there to help you with your cv and cover letter, as well as prepare you for your first job interview. Just contact our advisors. As for our employed members we offer coaching services. Just email us your question, and include your name, address, phone number and membership number. We will get back to you within two days with questions, reflections and observations that you can use in your job search. Your first coaching session over the phone is free. If you would like to continue, our partner Randstad RiseSmart offers a good discount to members. Apart from this, you will also receive invitations and discounts on seminars and conferences relevant to your specific profession. 

Statistics and wages

As a member you can access our statistical database of historical wages, where you can find and compare salaries in your chosen field. 


You automatically receive the magazine Akademikern. Managers and human resource managers also receive Chefstidningen. You also get a discount on the subscription fee for the magazine Socionomen and a number of other magazines. 

Interested? Call us at 08-617 44 00 or join here.

Vacation homes

The union owns several properties on the coast of southern France and Spain, as well as in the Swedish mountains. These are available for members to rent depending on availability. 

Other benefits

As if all that was not enough: Through your membership you get access to even more benefits, services and offers, from good deals on bank loans and pension plans to discounts on cultural events. Call us at 08-617 44 00 or send us an email for more details.